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Chiropractors, JOIN OUR  TEAM!

Are you looking for a change?  Been struggling in your practice? 
Fresh out of school and looking for career opportunity? 

Tired from the STRESS of managing staff, billing issues, overhead and marketing?  
Are you wanting to work part-time as you ease into retirement?

This is the PERFECT opportunity for chiropractors like you.
We do the billing and insurances, the staff hiring, training and management, the marketing and advertising, the human resources stuff, the building maintenance, the IT and computer stuff,  etc. 

You can either just focus on taking care of patients / clinical side of the practice, or if you want to step up and be the Clinic Director to our current and future clinics and manage a bit more, you are also welcome to do that and we will train and equip you for that role.  

Student Loan Repayment Assistance

After the initial six months, you may receive student loan repayment assistance.  Sweet!  More exciting options after the second year!

Base Pay, Benefits and Profit Sharing

A reliable secure income is important for peace of mind.

Profit sharing helps you grow toward six digits income. 

Dream is free. 

Hustle is sold separately.

Monday to Friday only.
Off on weekends.

Work hard, play hard, rest well.  It's  nice and important to have free weekends!  There are seven (7) states to travel to within 3 hours of driving!

No Screenings.
Steady New Patients

Just focus on being a great doctor.

We take care the marketing, etc.  Unless you want to do more, feel free to do talks / events.  Cream always rises to the top, and get rewarded!

Paid Time Off + Holidays
Maternity, Paternity

Times with family are important.

Vacations are important.

Personal times to recharge are also important.  Especially after a baby is born.  

100+ Five Stars Reviews
Award Winning Team!

Two of our doctors were voted Best Chiropractors in the County with our sister clinic in Lawrenceburg.

Join a wonderful winning team making a difference +saving thousands from opioids, overdoses, and unnecessary surgeries!

Full / Part Time available
401k Retirement Plan

Ready to semi-retire and work part time?  No problem.  Talk to us!

Full Time is preferred but we welcome both!

Continuing Education
Annual Allowance

Pick any CE to fulfill your annual CE requirements.  We'll help you!

Paid Dental + Vision Ins
Health Ins Allowance

These are the benefits that all of our doctors and most of staff have.


$10,000 Hiring Bonus

After initial 90 days, get $2,500.

After the first year, get $2,500.

After three consecutive years, get $5,000 bonus to help you buy that home, or pay off extra student loan, whichever you prefer.

Paid $1 Million/$3 Million
Malpractice Insurance

Practice and serve patients with peace of mind.  Most places won't cover your policy at all or not this much. 

We got you!

Fully Equipped Clinics

You are walking into a well-oiled machine, growing and making an impact on our community!  We will train you. The question is, are you coachable?  We have a system that works.  We just need you to learn the system and rock it!  Let's go!!

Come Visit Us on our Dime!

We will cover one night at local hotel that we reserve for you, as well as your breakfast, lunch, dinner, including the tour of our office and a good overview discussion and closer look of how we do things, etc.  See for yourself if we would be a good fit or not.  Fill out the form below please.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.  Upload resume button below.

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Thanks for submitting!

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