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Max Family Chiropractic of Lexington Kentucky is proud to be a part of the nationwide GIVE BACK movement, where we offer free wellness programs that can fit any sized company, business, or organization.  Whether it's a single, quarterly, or semi-annual event, we can use the options below to create the perfect FREE wellness program for your employees / coworkers / team:


Treat your team to a FREE BREAKFAST / LUNCH on us, with an included in office wellness check and free spinal screening!  Screening take 30 seconds per person.


Our FREE Living Well for Life special catered presentation is ideal for businesses or organizations of any size!  Attendees learn how to increase both the quantity and the quality of their lives with important and practical information!

  • Help employees improve mobility, improve job function, and prevent injuries at workplace!

  • Better employee health means less sick days, faster recovery from injuries, and better productivity.

  • Inform employees / attendees on the best ways to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles.

  • ALL of these AT NO COST TO YOU.

Ready to have us come to your workplace/organization? 

Click HERE to email or CALL US at (859) 303-7000.

Invite Us to Talk

The doctors are available for corporate speaking engagements, health WORKSHOPS, or seminars in your company, organization, church, social club, or meetings. 



  • How to Stay Young for the First 100 Years

  • Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well

  • Workplace Safety, Ergonomic & Injury Prevention

  • Sports Performance - Strategies to Perform Better, Heal Faster, Prevent Injuries.

  • 7 Effective Steps for Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis and Arthritis

  • Better Pregnancy, Better Birth, Better Kids - workshop for parents, midwives, and doulas.


Past workshops or talks were given to organizations such as:

  • Owen Electric / Touchstone Energy Corp.

  • Rotary Club, 

  • Chamber of Commerce,

  • First Christian Church of Lawrenceburg

  • Kentucky State County Clerks Association Annual Meeting, 

  • KY Dept. of Environmental Protection, 

  • General Cable, 

  • Frankfort Regional Medical Center, 

  • Women's Care of the Bluegrass & Family Care of the Bluegrass, 

  • Commonwealth Specialists of KY,

  • WalMart

  • The Family Center of Wilmore

  • and many more.

Vegetable Stand

Nutrition Support


No matter how much you exercise, get adjusted, stretch, pray, meditate, or diet, if you don't give your body the right nutrition, the right fuel, the right building blocks it needed, your body will not heal properly, and will not function optimally.

Improve your daily meals, add more vegetables and fruits, that's the first step.  Add these Supplements to speed up healing and improve function.  Click "Get Supplements" below to go to our professional grade supplements dispensary we recommend for our patients:

Herbal Medicine
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